the following roads on Sudden Ranch are closed

Hunters need to avoid the yellow circled areas. Active trapping and baiting.

Vandenberg G11 tags left as of 10 Aug is 74. G11 tags may be purchased at Camp Pendleton & Vandenberg exchanges.


as of 14 August 2017

Buck 2X2 Hunting Area A1

Buck 2X2 Hunting Area C5

Buck 2X2 Hunting Area C3

Buck 2X2 Hunting Area C6

Buck 3X3 Hunting Area C3

Buck 2X1 Hunting Area C1

Buck 2X2 Hunting Area C4

Buck 2X2 Hunting Area C1

Buck 2X3 Hunting Area C1

Buck 2X2 Hunting Area C1


This feature allows you to check-in and check-out using a touch tone phone. the number to call is 877-253-0344. Feature has bugs, we are working on them. Just follow the prompts: press #1 to sign in , enter permit number, enter pin number, select activity (hunting), acknowledgments, system will ask you select an area by entering the first two letters of an area DONT PRESS #1, it doesn't work. PRESS #2 to select an area from a list of open areas, then confirm your hunt.

Hunter Town Hall Schedule

All meetings will be at the Conservation Law Enforcement Office at B13848

27 August 2017 @ 1900 hours


Scheduled closures are subject to change without notice

21 August 2017-24 August 2017; SVAFB

18 September 2017 - 21 September; SVAFB

27 September 2017 - 30 September; SVAFB