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Hunter Orange Requirement

10.1. All persons hunting or in a hunting party (with the exception of duck hunting or archery hunters in archery only areas) on Vandenberg AFB must wear at least 144 sq inches of blaze orange on a vest or outer garment, or cap/hat. . For the purpose of this instruction, an outer garment is defined as a shirt or jacket worn over other clothing. Blaze orange "Tee" shirts may be worn.

Transportation of Firearms Policy

Transporting firearms on the installation is prohibited except to and from authorized storage or shooting areas to include hunting areas. Firearms must be cleared and safe, with breech open and equipped with a tamper-resistant mechanical lock or other safety device. while transporting firearms, they will be placed in the trunk or in a securable compartment closest to the rear of the vehicle. Ammunition must be stored and locked away separately.


Starting June 1, 2020, children 15 and younger hunts for free. Contact me via email for details. wayne.moses.1@us.af.mil

2020 Deer Season is a GO!!!! COVID-19 Restrictions Will Apply

COVID-19 Mitigation Measures for Deer Season: Hunters will comply with current COVID-19 measures by looking them up here https://www.vandenberg.af.mil/COVID-19/

  • Face Mask Covering

  • Physical Distancing (Easy outdoors)


Sudden Ranch Access !!!!!!

Sign into hunting area A5 or C5 and the combination to the lock will be displayed.



Deer Season

Zone A, Archery: Begins 10 July 2021 - Ends 1 August 2021

Zone A, General: 14 August 2021 - 26 September 2021





Hunting Area B1 and B3 will be closed on the following dates: TBD

Hunting Area C3 will be closed on the following dates for military training/operations: TBD

NVAFB will be closed on the following dates for mission ops: TBD

SVAFB will be closed on the following dates for mission ops: TBD



You must be eligible to hunt on Vandenberg AFB property. click here for eligibility.

Cost: $75 for 365 days of hunting, NO REFUNDS


New Hunters: click on the"Register" tab on the blue top navigation toolbar


Registered Hunters:

click on the "My Account" tab on the blue top navigation toolbar to go to your Home Page to Log-in

click on "Check-in/Check-out" tab on the blue top navigation toolbar to check-in/check-out of hunting areas


HUNTERS: must go to "My Safety Briefs" to watch slide show and take a quiz prior to purchasing a permit



this feature allows you to check-in and check-out using a touch tone phone. the number to call is 877-253-0344, follow the prompts.


Contact Us:

Office Hours: 0900-1000 & 1500-1600 hours

Wayne Moses

Lead, Conservation Law Enforcement

30th Security Forces Squadron/S3W

108 Colorado Ave; B13675

Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437